Saved from surgery thanks to ThetaHealing. Today I received the diagnosis from my gynaecologist that the cyst on the right ovary has enlarged and worryingly restructured and the recommendation for a surgical removal. 3 hours later I was called to the clinic for a preliminary consultation and examination. In between I could attend a ThetaHealing session with Ari. Already during this session I noticed that we could not only resolve the issue behind it, but also that there was something going on inside me too, literally. How wonderful and touching what happened. Afterwards at the preliminary examination 2 doctors could not find the cyst anymore. Fortunately, the operation had also burst. Only the fluid from the cyst was still to be found. There were not quite 3 hours between the before picture and the after picture. Thank you dear Ari and thank you Creator for this easy way.

Denise Hanisch, Germany