The ThetaHealing® Technique teaches us that we are unlimited beings. We invite you to unfold your true potential and learn how to use it to be in harmony with your life purpose. The Basic DNA Seminar is the beginning of the ThetaHealing journey. You learn to apply the basics of this technique, focused on understanding your subconscious, that part of your mind that makes up 90% and which controls most of your life. You will experience an opening to the unconditional love of the Creator of All-That-Is and learn to create a life you love accessing the pure Energy of Creation. 


Date: September 3-5, 2021

9am-3pm CST (Chicago)

4pm-10pm CET (Madrid)

Location: ONLINE via Zoom

Seminar Fee: 440 €* 

Prerequisites: None required

Instructors: Alisa & Ari

Seminar size is limited

*The Seminar Fee can be paid according to the exchange rate

in US Dollar or other currencies with PayPal


"My Theta Healing Seminar with Alisa and Ari was amazing!  Beyond what I anticipated.  I am using Theta Healing in my practice already and my clients feel wonderful after a session!  Thank you so much!   Love and light,"

Rosemary Powell


"This seminar (Basic DNA) has been a revelation that has allowed all the wisdom within me that I had been waiting for a long time to manifest itself to come to the surface.  Each part of the course is perfect and is experienced in a simple way, making you realize the purity of the Soul. The presence of the instructors Alisa and Ari inspires from their humility and great preparation to reach the inner being, home."

Jos Gaya


"This seminar has been a breakthrough in the sense that the Creator of All That Is is part of me at all times and that He only desires the good of all humanity, does not make a difference between  races or cultures, we are all One with Him. Thank you for these three wonderful days full of energy and for bringing out a new Kiko in me. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Francisco Bernat


"Dear Alisa and Ari, thank you very much for everything I’ve received in this DNA Basic seminar: not only your knowledge and experience but your love and patience in sharing it all with us.  All my gratitude and love to both of you."

Cristina Wirth


"It opened my eyes to a new way of seeing and feeling things.  It is the turning point I was waiting for in my life and was looking for in my spiritual path. From today; well, and from three days ago, it's going to be different. A new me has emerged, which will improve day by day, thanks to the instructors, Vianna, and the Creator. Thank you! "

Tomeu Marquet Bisañez


"The Soulmate seminar is a fantastic seminar to go into depth about your beliefs about your most compatible soulmate, if it’s already in your life or not yet! Therefor I was wonderfully surprised by the incredible power of this seminar. Alisa & Ari are amazing! Loving, kind, wise and with so much knowledge they will share with you. They have supported and guided me to shift deep subconscious beliefs about love, sexuality and my most compatible soulmate. I Am grateful and blessed beyond words! Thank you Alisa & Ari and I highly recommend others to follow this class with you!"

Martina Mezzetti


 ✔︎ The power of words and thoughts
 ✔︎ The intuitive abilities and chakras

  ✔︎ The 5 brain waves: Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma and Theta

 ✔︎ How to scan the body through intuitive readings 
 ✔︎ How to witness healings through the energy of the Creator of All-That-Is
 ✔︎ How to change/replace limiting beliefs on different levels: Core, Genetic, History and  Soul Levels
 ✔︎ How to create positive feelings on all levels

 ✔︎ How to work on your fears, anger, resentments, old regrets, and release them
 ✔︎ How to use the manifestation technique
 ✔︎ How to call in a compatible soul mate for you and bring back soul fragments from past relationships 
 ✔︎ The Seven Planes of Existence
 ✔︎ To work and talk with guardian angels and do future readings
 ✔︎ To work on the DNA and do the activation of the DNA strands
 ✔︎ The power to connect with the Creator of All-That-Is

 ✔︎ Seminar includes: Vianna Stibal’s ThetaHealing Book (Amazon Kindle version), official Manual (digital PDF) and official ThetaHealer® Practitioner Certificate from THINK® (will be issued after completion of the seminar)

 ✔︎ This seminar is the beginning of the ThetaHealing journey